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Regardless of the name, all of our fire pit glass is safe to use with either in the US for over twenty years, and it’s still burning bright.Starfire Direct is always updating our website with new options.It’s time to liven up your home or office with something outside of the box like fire glass.When non-flammable, melt-resistant fireplace glass rocks came onto the market as an alternative for these long-standing forms of decorative media, the product took off.This makes the glass fire not only pleasant to the eye, but also quite functional.

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” or even For any new propane or natural gas burner project, the desired aesthetic must be carefully considered as different glass styles bring different glass fire results.This glass comes from dropped new tempered sheets which otherwise would go to landfills, meaning that it is semi-recycled.Instead of being shipped off as waste, this glass is melted down with different oxides to give it a rich color, and it is sold at a cheaper cost than our other decorative glasses.This offers a stunning appearance unlike any other.Fire beads are similarly smooth and rounded and they create a striking contrast against the rising flame. Beyond the choices listed above, Starfire Direct also offers: With so many varieties of fire pit glass rocks and fireplace glass rocks, Starfire Direct surely has one that is ideal for your home or business.

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