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Instead, you should stock up on higher quality bottles, including the New Top-Rated Whiskey on the Planet.

Your ex’s college sweatshirt may be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever worn in your entire life, but it’s also your ex’s college sweatshirt, and not worthy of a spot of honor in your closet. And speaking of ex-boyfriends, for a sampling of our great relationship advice, here are 15 Bad Reasons to Delay a Breakup.

It also means it’s time to retire your ex’s band t-shirt, throw out the magnifying mirror in your bathroom, and never, wear jewelry that turns your skin green.

Herewith, we’ve compiled all of the things women should throw out when they reach 40.

And if you choose to purge your home of these items, don’t forget to encourage your significant other to clean out J.

And for more great footwear ideas, here are The One Pair of Men’s Luxury Sneakers That Truly Stand Apart.

And if you’re indeed suiting up for the gym, here are 5 Exercises in 10 Minutes That Will Transform Your Body.

If you can’t bear to part with them—since that Morrissey concert might have truly changed your life—at least frame them.

The last thing any woman needs is for her pants to sag around the butt…on purpose. Remember: baggy pants are a no-go for most men as well.

Especially if you agree with the style-savvy women who answered the question: Should Men Wear Baggy Jeans? If anything, staring into a magnifying mirror will drive you crazy and cause you to obsess (and, if you happen to groom your eyebrows yourself, it’ll make you a little too tweezers-happy, too).

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