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In fact, doing that would only REPEL the best kinds of women.

In bootcamp, I will analyze everything you are doing during the pick-ups, and keep you on course the entire time.

This bootcamp program is 100% private and exclusive, which means you are getting exclusive access to my coaching and all my time is spent on you and on customizing the program to your exact goals and needs.

Contact me at [email protected] let me know a weekend that works for you, and I will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm the date or, if the date is already booked, I will suggest future dates that you could reserve for your bootcamp. I have been conducting bootcamps on how to attract women for over 13 YEARS.

The biggest thing for you about taking bootcamp with me is that I can IMMEDIATELY see EXACTLY what you are doing as you approach women in real life, and I can spot EXACTLY where you are going wrong and I can FIX it for you.

As men, we develop "blind spots" to the things we are doing wrong when it comes to pick-up. We just aren't aware of how we are coming across, because all we know is our OWN perspective.

Men from all four corners of the globe have gained from me the power to CHOOSE the woman or women in their lives. This program has CONSTANTLY been evolving, always improving and becoming more and more powerful and refined with the years that I have poured into every aspect of it, from A to Z.

So if you just leave this up to fate, or to Santa, you are looking at thousands of dollars plus months, years, and possibly forever studying a way to figure it out, plus low self-esteem, wrong fashion thinking, and false hopes.His insight into human communication and emotion opened up a whole new universe to me that allows me to approach women from a very powerful internal place that translates into very effective interactions with any women I choose.Michael also has a way of teaching that is both demanding yet incredibly supportive, which helped me grow immensely over the duration of the program.For the first time, I can actually confidently approach women anywhere, anytime, no matter how beautiful."This bootcamp is for serious guys only, guys who are prepared to make a difference in their lives and do whatever it takes.The Dating Wizard Bootcamp takes place in the city of your choice.

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