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His long time relationship with his Ex-Wife along with the dating history proves enough of him not being a gay in case if anyone is thinking about that.Recently, there has been a rumor of him getting him back together with his ex-wife, Elizabeth.The pairs were together in public from January to March of the year, and later they spilled their relations.So many speculations are also created that Pardue has a sexual preference of a gay guy but this alleged proclaims to have no strong evidence to be found as truth because, until he himself say if he is a gay man or not, that is not our call to make.Well, he won’t admit it but it really was his, too.

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I’m just a guy from this small town and have a sense of humor. He is a rock star, but he’s humble and he’s beautiful and stunning and sexy and very natural and very talented. D.: Well, she’s just really been helping me out a lot. Estella: We’re really comfortable together and we joke around.

Hope that the man made a high salary and net worth and come to be the richest celebrity. Now, much more of you ladies might be having high hopes of dating this guy and we'll say you should because, there looks like to be no girl around him whom we can find as his girlfriend.

The guy first dated with his co-host named Rose Mc Gowan in 2001.

However, their marriage did not turn out to be a life time one.

They got divorced in 2002, after nine long years of marriage.

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