Istanbul kapali carsi online dating

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(Read more about him and the tour here) The second experience is the Jewellery workshop held in a traditional and ancient han of the Grand Bazaar.A silver/goldsmith demonstrates the art of making traditional Turkish jewellery before letting you take the reins to make your very own souvenirs instead of buying them. I'm Natalie Sayin, a freelance travel blogger and writer specializing in the country of Turkey.

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After all, there are only so many times you can hear before deciding to batter the salesman around the head with his lovely Turkish carpets. Just join in with the banter and you can end up having quite a laugh. One asked for a kiss so I told him my husband was around the corner.The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is a lot more than your average shopping mall.Shopkeepers are not shy about letting you know they want your money and will do their best to get it.We are talking about Kapali Çarsi, which means Market with a roof and which is one hell of a Lomo-Location.It was founded by Sultan Mehmet Fatih and is incredible 31 hectares huge.

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