M2f dating

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Feminine Presenting; Masculine Presenting (adj) way to describe someone who expresses gender in a more feminine or masculine way, for example in their hair style, demeanor, clothing choice, or style.Not to be confused with Feminine of Center and Masculine of Center, which often includes a focus on identity as well as expression.Ally (noun) typically straight- or cis-identified person who supports, and respects for members of the LGBTQ community.

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Often conflated with romantic attraction and sexual attraction.Biphobia (noun) range of negative attitudes (e.g., fear, anger, intolerance, resentment, erasure, or discomfort) that one may have/express towards bisexual individuals.Biphobia can come from and be seen within the queer community as well as straight society.Drag Queen (noun) someone who performs femininity theatrically.Dyke (noun) term referring to a masculine presenting lesbian.

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