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(AP Photo/Brynn Anderson) Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore's account of when he began dating his wife Kayla would place the start of their courtship before her divorce from her first husband, according to court documents.This comes as the Moore campaign's defense of the retired judge against multiple allegations of sexual misconduct hinges on disputing minute details of the accusers' versions of events.Moore claims in his 2005 book “So Help Me God” to have met Kayla at a church gathering the week before Christmas in 1984.

There are apparent contradictions between Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore's account of his relationship with his wife Kayla and information contained in public records.Either way, my answer was always the same: No time soon.For a long time, there was a very simple reason why I wasn’t ready to propose to Gina: Money.Perhaps it was because I was 32-years-old and in many people’s eyes, that is the age men should be dating strictly to marry.There was also the fact that early in our relationship, Gina’s older sister was engaged to be married, so naturally people would ask if we were next.

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