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Public sector net debt is expected to rise from 67.3% of GDP this year to a peak of 76.3% by 2014-15, falling thereafter.

The Guardian's Heather Stewart comments on what this means: the government has little room for manoeuvre in meeting its targets for reducing the deficit, and the ratings agency Fitch warned last week that the UK could be stripped of its AAA-rating if a loss of nerve by the chancellor, or a weaker than expected recovery, knocks the public finances off course.

That round is the 6.8mm Remington Special Purpose Cartridge.Its overall length is the same as 5.56mm, at 2.26″/57.4mm, though some magazines are advertised as offering overall lengths as long as 2.315″/58.8mm, and the purpose-built Six8 rifle from LWRC, which uses proprietary magazines, offers an overall length of 2.32″/58.9mm.The cartridge has a case capacity of between 34.8 and 36.9 grs H2O (2.255-2.391 ccs), 14-21% more than the 5.56x45mm.Industry involvement to consider this project at no cost to the government was championed by Sean Dwyer at Remington, who stated that Remington wanted to do their part on the Global War on Terrorism, and provide production capability for the ammunition, which would be developed and manufactured by Remington using bullets provided by Sierra and Hornady.Several propellants were reviewed to provide improved powder performance, including Western Powder’s Ramshot, and submissions from Accuracy Arms and St. These companies developed powders particularly for the 6.8mm Remington SPC cartridge, and will supply quantities of the chosen propellant for final assembly of ammunition by Remington.

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