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The Carmen ad quendam senatorem (CSEL, 23, 227-30) is commonly thought to be originated in the 4th or 5th Century. Valerio Flacco, Argonautiche 6,1-426, introd., trad.

On the contrary, it cannot belong to the late 4th Century because Christian religion is mentioned as secta improba, that is a religio illicita, which is not the case in the late 4th Century. The Carmen belongs to a period of peace, not of persecution: in the 3rd Century such a period could be the reign of Philip the Arabian or the first years of Valerian. Paratragedia ‘al femminile’ nella commedia plautina (M.

In 378/9 Ausonius was not isolated in Gallia, but he was well informed about Gratianus’ comitatus in Illyricum: his informers were probably Gallic friends such as Proculus Gregorius, Siburius and Siagrius. 14 di Paolino di Nola sono stati finora considerati un ‘catalogo di pellegrini’ di contenuto cristiano, modellato su quello ben più famoso dell’Eneide.

Before the accession of Theodosius I, these Gallic officers and Eucherius, comes largitionum and Theodosius’ uncle, played a role in Ausonius’ appointment as consul, since Ausonius’ tutorship could provide support to Gratianus’ dynastic legitimacy. In realtà l’ampio spazio, che Paolino dedica ai pellegrini provenienti dalla Campania, in particolare da Capua e da Napoli, e successivamente a quelli che arrivavano da Roma per la festività di s.

In § 1 especially, but not exclusively, these fragments are examined in order to explain some peculiarities of Simias’ work, which are typical of the Hellenistic poetry, such as the use of rare and difficult words, mixing of literary genres and dialectal forms, recourse to allegory for his own poems, attitude towards the previous authors (Homer, archaic epic, Hesiod, Pindar, Sophocles, Euripides), which is caused by desire for imitation and by will to be different. Eutropius’ statement that Sulla subdued the Delmatae, as well as other nuances in the sources, lead to the conclusion that Sulla was trying to find a land route to Italy, or, at least, to threaten Gallia Cisalpina with the help of the Delmatae, his new allies.

The Carmen shows similarities with the Carmen apologeticum of Commodianus, and Commodianus was a disciple of Cyprian.

Cyprian or one of his disciples could be the author of the Carmen.

However, Harmodius and Aristogeiton have been celebrated by the tradition as heroes and freedom fighters in Athens.

This tradition may be explained by the epithet given to them, Gephyraioi.

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