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A notable anti-colonial uprising took place in 1930.

It was an important base for Allied Forces during the Burma Campaign in World War II.

Medieval Chittagong was a hub for maritime trade with China, Sumatra, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, the Middle East and East Africa.

They subsequently allied with the Arakanese and launched pirate raids on Mughal Bengal.

In 1666, the Mughal government of Bengal led by viceroy Shaista Khan moved to retake Chittagong from Portuguese-Arakanese control. The Mughals attacked the Arakanese from the jungle with a 6,500-strong army, which was further supported by 288 Mughal naval ships blockading the Chittagong harbour.

After three days of battle, the Arakanese surrendered.

The Mughals expelled the Portuguese from Chittagong.

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