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Late Night is an American late-night talk and variety show airing on NBC since 1982.

Four men have hosted Late Night: David Letterman (1982–93), Conan O'Brien (1993–2009), Jimmy Fallon (2009–14), and Seth Meyers (2014–present).

Friday shows were added in June 1987 (NBC previously aired Friday Night Videos in the am slot with occasional Late Night specials and reruns).

Starting in September 1991, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was pushed back from pm to pm, with Letterman starting at am, at the request of NBC affiliates who wanted more advertising time for their profitable late newscasts. Entertainment Television purchased broadcast rights to Late Night.

The show, and O'Brien, slowly improved through experience, and the show's ratings gradually increased to a level which allowed O'Brien to secure a longer contract, and not have to worry about cancellation.

It did not expand to Fridays until 1987, when Friday Night Videos was moved back an hour to accommodate a five-day-a-week Late Night.

Michaels took a leadership role in redeveloping the show, and comedians Jon Stewart, Drew Carey, and Paul Provenza all auditioned for the hosting role.

of television-performance experience as an occasional extra on Saturday Night Live sketches, O'Brien auditioned for the show on April 13, 1993.

The network aired complete shows from various years five days per week from 1993 until 1996.

Then Trio (owned by NBC) picked up reruns and showed them from 2002 until the channel went off the air in 2005.

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