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For over 20 years, Spain has been popular with overseas buyers looking for holiday homes.

Large numbers of inexperienced foreign buyers provide an opportunity for unscrupulous developers and estate agents to sell properties which are not legitimate.

However, this naturally comes with certain risks and we strongly recommend that you view the property you are considering and don't cut corners on the process, even if this means spending some weeks in a hotel when you arrive.

This means that even if property prices rise during your stay, you'll probably need to live in the property for around three years to come out ahead in a strictly financial sense.

For those considering a shorter stay however, renting could be a more suitable option if you factor in Spain's capital gains tax of more than 20 percent, which could offset any benefits of buying in the short-term.

You can find the appropriate land registry office by vising the national website: only).

The worst property scams in Spain, as elsewhere, have involved properties bought before they were completed or, sometimes, started.

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