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The 'camera' moves around the room, showing another woman's breast, and the scene then finally ends.

In the next scene, another main character is introduced, a male government worker (even after only just watching, I don't remember his name) who has to beg Misaki to help his organization solve crimes relating to spirits.

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The complete four episodes are available in Japanese 5.1, English 5.1, or English 5.1 DTS.In the next episode, Ai wants to join Misaki's ghost busting crew, and falls prey to a vengeful spirit herself. The third and fourth episodes comprise a two-part story.Misaki is hoping to get a vacation (and look into some, ah, restoration therapy) but instead gets involved in a twelve year-old murder case concerning several children whose ghosts are still haunting a construction site.Not that I minded that or the large amount of nudity, but it didn't gel with the main plot and seemed oddly tacked on.Some people might be disappointed if they pick up this DVD for the cover art.

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