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Although you can select several entries in the History list in the usual way by holding down Shift or Cmd, you can only delete them by subsequently tapping the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard. Cleaning cookies and the cache data for individual sites can be done by opening the Preferences dialog box, then selecting the Privacy icon and clicking the 'Manage Website Data...' button.

You can then prune the list manually by selecting an individual site and clicking the Remove button, or delete all cookies and cache by clicking the Remove All button.

Although quick to access, the Clear History is badly named because it actually takes a scorched Earth approach - in addition to actual browsing history, it deletes cookies and the entire browser cache too.

Happily, Safari does offer more surgical cleaning tools that let you proceed on a site-by-site basis.

In the dialog box that appears once you've clicked Edit, select the site in the list and click the Remove button.

If you've entered the wrong username or password for a site, and Safari subsequently keeps autocompleting it, clicking the Passwords icon within the Safari's Preferences dialog box lets you find it and delete it. Rather usefully, you can then recreate the entry for the site by clicking the Add button.

This is a very useful diagnostic step to take before removing those two items if a website behaves badly.

You'll first need to provide the URL of the site (that is, something like https://facebook.com), and then type the username and password alongside (hit the Tab key to move from field to field).

Pruning site logins can also be done via the Keychain Access app, which you'll find in the Utilities folder of the Applications list in Finder, although you should be very careful using this app because it pretty much controls the entire security operation of your Mac!

There's a search field you can use to track down individual sites.

Bear in mind that deleting cookies might remove autocompleted login usernames and passwords for sites, and will almost certainly log you out of that site if you've configured it to automatically login each time you visit.

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